Old News


      Flora International Magazine Nov/Dec 2016 issue - article "Cally's Girls  Create Alternative

                                                                                                                                                 Contemporary Christmas Door Designs".

                                                                               - article "Cally's Girls Create Alternative

                                                                                                                                                    Rustic Christmas Trees".


        Flora International Magazine Sept/Oct 2016 issue - article "Cally's Girls Bloomin' Younger!".

      Flora International Magazine July/Aug 2016 issue - article "Cally's Girls Create a Delightful

                                                                                                       Spring Border".


       Flora International Magazine May/June 2016 issue - article "Cally's Girls to the Manor Born". 

                                                                               - article  "Step-by-step Seaside

                                                                                                                                                                Themed Design".


       Flora International Magazine Spring 2016 issue - article "Cally's Girls on the Bottle".



      Flora International Magazine Spring 2015 issue - article "Easter Basket".

      Flora International Magazine Summer 2015 issue - articles "Handbags and Gladrags" &

                                                                                                         "Voluptuous Peonies". 


       Summer 2015  


       Flora International Magazine Autumn 2015 issue - article "Hay Wheels". 

         Flora International Magazine Winter 2015 issue - article "Contemporary Advent Design". 


         In November, Carolynne gained a 1st prize at the National Competitions at Blackpool.

         To see photos go to NAFAS website - News & Events - 1st prize winners. 




       Flora International Magazine  Spring 2014 issue - Front cover. 

       Flora International Magazine Autumn 2014 issue - articles "Have Fun Wrapping Parcels" &

                                                                                         "A Bright and Cheerful Autumn Wreath"

         Flora International Magazine Winter 2014 issue - Front cover "Tropical in the Shade".   


        Spring 2014      Winter 2014  




       Flora International Magazine  April/May 2013 issue - article "Tulip Tonic"  


       Flora International Magazine  June/July 2013 issue - article "Floral Hat" 


       Flora International Magazine  Sept/Oct  2013 issue - article "In the Style of the Dutch Masters"


       The Flower Arranger Summer 2013 issue - article "High and L'eau"


          Day trip by coach to Bruges Christmas Florist Event and Christmas Market in November


       The Flower Arranger Winter 2013 issue - article "Roses and Spirals"




 Flora International Magazine April/May 2012 issue - article "Split Pea Wall"


Flora International Magazine June/July 2012 issue - article "Cally's Cabbage Creation"


Flora International Magazine Sept/Oct 2012 issue - article "Pumpkin Parade"


Flora International Magazine Winter 2012 issue - "Floral Gift and Weaving with Palm Leaves"


Sept / Oct 2011

       Flora International Magazine Sept/Oct 2011 issue - article page 9 "Use Your Loaf"


Flora International Magazine Nov/Dec 2011 issue - article "Colonial Style Door Plaque."


In October, my workshop became a hive of activity as a group of us carved and chiselled away at our pumpkins creating an amazing array of different designs.


Make 'n' Munch are a group who meet regularly at each others' homes to chat and enjoy learning new crafts and skills whilst savouring a tasty treat or two.

This month Ginny made a delicious pumpkin cheesecake topped with whipped cream and fruit - sorry, no photo of this as it was devoured before I could get the camera out!

The great news for me about this project was I didn't need to clean my cluttered workshop as the cobwebs added to the atmosphere. The interesting episode with the large bowl of pumpkin seeds will remain a closely guarded secret with all who were present.